brazilian waxing history

brazilian waxing history

Have you ever wondered just how old the Brazilian Waxing phenomenon is?

Try 3,000 to 5,000 years ago!

That's right, despite what you may have heard it wasn't some Hollywood celebrity touting the first Brazilian, or even someone on Copacabana beach in it actually dates back to the ancient Egyptian times, think pyramid construction, pharaohs and mummies.
And back then, it wasn't with the flash modern facilities that we are so used to today.

The ancient 'wax' was believed to be an all-natural sugar-based paste, which was mixed with lemon for its anti-bacterial properties. The process was known as 'Smoothing', which often consisted of a mix of different practices, including waxing, shaving and plucking.
Ceremonies such as pre-wedding traditions and other religious festivals featured this practice widely throughout Middle Eastern cultures and part of ancient Europe as well. Slave girls and harems also widely featured the smoothing practices as did cultures with hot, humid climates, particularly close to the equator. 

So the actual names used for the waxing styles has changed greatly over the thousands of years since, yet the process remains largely unchanged.

A Brazilian wax is still an extreme form of pubic hair removal that strips most if not all of the hair from the genital region. And it differs from a more traditional Bikini Wax which only trims the pubic hairs to just inside the regular bikini line, so there's no Hairy Nightmares at the beach!

So what's a Brazilian wax called in Brazil?
Well, the term Brazilian Wax doesn't exist, as it just doesn't make sense. In Brazil this style of waxing is simply called depillar (meaning to pluck hairs or to wax).

However in the Western world officially the style is named because of the skimpy dental-floss like bikinis worn on Brazilian beaches.
Regardless of the names, this ancient practice is more popular than every today and there's no question that women everywhere are jumping on the Brazilian bandwagon, and loving the results!
brazilian waxing history
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